HelloFresh: making the case for Time Temperature Indicators (TTI) to avoid food waste

As ‘a pioneer in minimising food waste’, HelloFresh is continuously searching for ways to further decrease the amount of food being thrown away, it says. While it claims its pre-portioned ingredients substantially reduce household food waste by 38% in comparison to traditionally cooked dinners, a representative survey by the company shows that every second person throws away 20 euros worth of food each month. It has been working with AIPIA [the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association] members Keep-it®, Zebra Technologies and Wageningen University to test and advocate for smarter solutions based on TTI [time-temperature indicators].

The company recently conducted a survey across Germany, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France among over 7,500 people. The main concern of consumers throwing away food past the expiration date is because they are afraid it might make them sick or could be bad for their health. Also, the often misunderstood “Best Before” and “Use By” date stamps are another reason for consumers to dispose of supposedly spoiled food: every fifth person throws away food simply because they follow the date labelling on the packaging - regardless of the quality...


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