Danone taps into smart cap for mineral water brand

AIPIA member Water.io  has worked with Danone to  develop a ‘smart cap’ which will be incorporated into the Brand’s Spanish mineral water Font Vella, allowing consumers to track their levels of hydration. Named Coach2O, the widget will monitors consumers’ water intake and “coach them towards adequate hydration”, according to Danone.

The device works by clipping it onto the existing bottle cap, which ensures no contact between the water and the device. It then records the volume of water taken by the consumer.  The cap can also remind people to drink using a discreet series of ‘blinks’ – and comes complete with an accompanying app that allows them to set daily hydration targets and adjust the setting to their individual requirements.

Water.io says the smart cap technology has the ability to turn any ordinary bottle ‘smart’ according to its co-founder Yoav Hoshen.The start-up previously worked with packaging company Visy to make its bottle caps available in Australia and New Zealand – but Danone’s project represents a major step forward in its application. Also it taps into  the trend for  consumers to reuse and refill plastic water bottles an away from single use containers.

Bruno Dasque, vice-president research and innovation for Danone Waters, said: “Over the years, our scientific teams have developed a deep understanding of the science of hydration. Now, with our open innovation capabilities, we can leverage digital solutions to bring all this knowledge to those who need it most: our consumers, through personalised solutions.”

The European Food Safety Authority recommends a daily intake of 2.5 litres of water for men and 2 litres of water for women – through either the food they eat or they drinks they consume – including around 70-80% dervied from beverages.

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