DNA anti-counterfeit feature has legal status

 A new forensic authentication feature for pharmaceutical labels is now offered by Schreiner MediPharm in cooperation with Applied DNA Sciences. SigNature® DNA is a high-security feature based on DNA markers with which pharmaceutical manufacturers can protect their products against counterfeiting and patients against potential health risks, say the companies. DNA markers are considered to be impossible to counterfeit and are recognized as forensic authentication evidence in courts of law.

 If counterfeit medicines are put into circulation this may result in claims for damages by affected patients. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are able to counteract such illegal practices by providing their original products with forensic anti-counterfeiting features such as DNA markers. Using conventional printing techniques, Schreiner MediPharm flexibly and invisibly integrates this high-security technology from Applied DNA Sciences into existing label designs, it says.

Various multi-level methods to verify the covert authentication feature along the supply chain are available: Beacon® technology, for example, enables fast, reliable on-site verification by means of a decryptant liquid and a UV lamp. Specialized mobile devices may be used to authenticate the SigNature® DNA molecular tags as well. An extensive, forensic DNA analysis by a laboratory provides results that qualify as admissible evidence in courts of law.

With the innovative SigNature® DNA marker, Schreiner MediPharm has expanded its portfolio of multi-level security systems and customized solutions for supply chain integrity. "The integration of SigNature® DNA in combination with Beacon® in our functional pharma labels will be setting a new security standard in the pharmaceutical industry," explains Nadine Lampka, product manager pharma-security at Schreiner MediPharm.”


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