NEWS: Cannabis Packaging Gets Active AND Smart


Sugarmade Inc, based in California, has announced the completion of an agreement allowing  it to introduce a new set of intelligent and active packaging systems for cannabis transport and storage. These products will allow cultivators and retailers to preserve THC levels, protect trichomes and save terpenes, while helping to mitigate pathogen levels, all of which are critical to the marketing and enjoyment of high-quality cannabis flowers.

"We plan to lead the market in advanced transport and storage for the fast growing cannabis industry," said Jimmy Chan, CEO. "Currently, cannabis flowers have a very short shelf life, due to extreme sensitivity to handling, atmosphere gases, humidity and light. Current methods of transport and storage are very unfriendly to trichome preservation, resulting in millions of dollars in lost profits and reduced enjoyment by consumers."

The intellectual property on which Sugarmade will base its new products takes active packaging, which involves interaction between packaging components and the internal gas atmosphere within the package, one step further by adding intelligence to the packaging, which will allow for active feedback to the consumer and tracking throughout the entire supply chain.

The company hopes to better preserve cannabis, including THC levels, via control of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, humidity and thermodynamic cooling, as well as improving the safety of cannabis through the ability to emit food safe oxidizers and other treatments to mitigate mould, bacteria and other pathogens, including powdery mildew.

The company and its licensor partner, Cannabis Active Packaging, Inc., are currently in the applications development process and are actively developing prototypes for testing in the laboratory environment. They are working toward two initial products for the active packaging of cannabis: a dispensary/home storage container and a grower cure box to enable cultivators to better manage the curing process via control of C02, O2, and moisture levels.