CONGRESS 2019: Smart solution drives 75% consumer engagement at Mondelez Challenge

When Mondelez International announced that all its packaging will be fully recyclable by 2025, the confectionery giant gathered innovators and intelligent packaging drivers, at the AIPIA Americas Summit in Jersey City last June, challenging them to come up with solutions to promote environmental awareness and educate its customer on recycling packages.

Pack-Smart, a leading technology provider in packaging and digital automation, presented an innovative smart solution, Delta-X, that enables brand owners to add personal value to their products and connect with their end consumers. Delta-X can quickly integrate with the product – using Chips Ahoy and Maynard’s as example– giving the packaging a unique identity via serialization.

The audience then participated in a mini-campaign where the Mondelez committee was able to securely collect, verify and analyze product-user analytics in real-time. The platform also allowed interactions via triggered, personalized messaging based on zero party data.

The campaign sparked enthusiasm in the audience, says the company, receiving more than 75% participation during the three-minute presentation span for a grand prize to attend the AIPIA World Congress in Amsterdam.

The Delta-X Platform presented a unique value proposition to brands and converters, it claims, which brings new Smart Packaging Technologies to life and provides more with less.

Through Delta-X, the company believes it is set to deliver an all-encompassing platform for brands and converters that would define the standard and level the playing field of active and intelligence packaging for businesses of all sizes. The company will be showcasing its technology during this year’s AIPIA World Congress in Amsterdam.


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