Augmented Reality improves cannabis/CBD product communication

Kanvas™, a provider of solutions designed to elevate the user experience for legal cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) consumers, has launched KanvasAR™, an augmented reality (AR) experience. It give brands a platform to communicate product details to consumers including plant origination, strain, flavour and effect profiles as well as geo-location verified, state approved purchasing locations. Kanvas showcased the new packaging technology recently at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, USA.

Filling a void in product education and transparency at point of purchase, the AR solution for brands is compatible with QR codes and branded markers, it says. The technology reads pre-defined indicators to validate and authenticate product legitimacy and purchasing location. Providing an interactive shopping experience, its open architecture enables testing labs and approved third-party resources the ability to educate consumers at point of purchase.

The intuitive interface walks age-verified customers through a branded journey via their smartphone, to provide all the product information required to make a confident buying decision, according to the company.

Features include:

Brand DNA: A dedicated landing page offering brands a creative platform to overcome limitations in storytelling and brand awareness.

Authentication: Core to the platform is geo-location based authentication. Consumers can buy with confidence knowing they’re purchasing from an approved, licensed establishment.

Strain, Profile and Potency: Brands have the opportunity to educate consumers on the unique features of their flavor profiles, strains and potencies, in addition to effects-based experiences.

Certified Test Results: Central to consumer safety, brands now have the ability to share Certificates of Analysis (CoA) that disclose all state-regulated test results, including heavy metals and pollutants, to provide safe, informed purchasing decisions. 

“As the industry continues to navigate evolving legislation and strict retail policies, we are excited to partner with brands to deliver a packaging solution that enables trust, clarity and creativity at the consumer level in an elevated, highly-customizable solution,” said Renée Starow, Kanvas director of operations. “Our AR platform is an immersive experience that enables consumers to feel confident about their purchase.”

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