NEWS: Wine Bottles with Corks Authenticated by NFC Capsule


Amcor Capsules has worked with anti-counterfeiting technology company Selinko to bring to market an anti-counterfeit solution known as InTact, a Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled capsule that can be fitted over a corked bottle of wine or spirits.

The capsule stores a unique ID number to authenticate the bottle, and a tamper-evident feature in the NFC tag lets users know if the capsule has been removed, so it not only ensures the authenticity of a bottle of wine, but it can be used with an app to promote the product, providing appropriate content based on whether or not that bottle has been opened.

The system works with Selinko's cloud-based content-management software that enables companies to confirm each bottle's authenticity with the tap of a smartphone. Selinko can also provide its Android-based app that businesses can use to push content to consumers' phones.

French burgundy winery Domaine Henri Rebourseau, in Gevrey-Chambertin, is already applying the capsules to its products, while other wineries are in discussions to launch the technology as well, say the companies. Amcor also offers a similar InTact capsule for spirit brands.

According to unofficial wine industry estimates, about 20 percent of wine sold around the world is counterfeit. As many counterfeiters use the original wine bottles  Amcor and Selinko developed a system to determine if a bottle has been opened.

The NFC chips comes from a variety of suppliers, such as Inside Secure’s Vault IC 154 chip, with asymmetric—or bank-grade—encryption capabilities for high-value products with long lifespans, or a lower-cost chip such as NXP Semiconductors' Mifare chip. The brand owner can select the level of security needed.

Each chip is connected to two antennas. The transmission from one antenna is dedicated to marketing and security ID information. The second is intended to verify that the seal has not been broken, thus authenticating not only the bottle, but the product inside it as well.