The world’s first lie-detector-in-a-can

Is there anything Canadians won’t do to be nice? As a country that’s famous for being polite, data suggests the country is split on if it’s worth being a little less than real to keep the peace: according to a recent survey commissioned by Molson Coors’ brand Simply Spiked Lemonade, just over half (51%) of Canadians aged 19+ have lied to avoid conflict and/or protect someone’s feelings. This new-to-Canada alcoholic lemonade drink, on the other hand, is trying to help them be more honest with a clever piece of packaging technology.

Simply Spiked aims to bring awareness to this ‘dishonest politeness’ and help Canadians be their true, unapologetic selves, says the company, with a lie detector housed within a can of the alcoholic juice brand. The “Keep It Real” can features Galvanic Skin Response to monitor sweat gland activity and Pulse Rate electrodes to measure heartbeat, much like a normal lie detector. The ‘Keep It Real Can’ spots the fakes and determines when someone is truly keeping it real, it claims....


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