Systech launches exception handling and rework solution for pharma supply chain

Systech, a part of Markem-Imaje and Dover and a longstanding AIPIA member, which provides digital identification and traceability software solutions, has released a comprehensive and versatile rework offering for managing exceptions in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Built on Systech’s extensive expertise with rework across the stack, it delivers capabilities from the line through the supply chain to help manufacturers, CMOs, CPOs and distributors minimize data misalignment, product delays and associated risks in the pharmaceutical sector, it says.

Exceptions management focuses on identifying and resolving issues arising during pharmaceutical product manufacturing and distribution. It is critical in the pharmaceutical sector due to patient safety and regulatory compliance concerns and to avoid supply chain delays and product quarantine, according to the company.

As trading partners continue to implement and fine-tune their processes to adhere to the DSCSA guidelines and systems, the volume of errors related to discrepancies between the data received and the product received in the shipment are expected to grow five to ten-fold. Considering the increasing challenges related to counterfeits, drug shortages and patient safety, efficient handling of exceptions becomes increasingly important.  

As a full stack solution provider, Systech’s technology offers comprehensive rework, starting on the line and through the supply chain, with rapid deployment, seamless connectivity to any Level 4 platform and a built-in data inspector with the flexibility to adapt to any workflow and ecosystem.

“Our new feature-rich, exception handling solution addresses a diverse set of use cases, leveraging our vast experience in providing rework up and down the stack and ensuring seamless trading partner connectivity”, said Sreedhar Patnala, VP of digital products at Systech. “Systech’s reliable and scalable solutions effectively mitigate risk and keep the data and product moving.”

“The pharmaceutical industry must prioritize efficient exception handling and rework solutions to maintain product quality, patient safety and supply chain integrity,” said Rick Seibert, SVP, Sharp Packaging. “As a full stack L1-L5 provider, Systech leverages its solution to streamline data from all sites and handles rework using a simple, cloud-based tool with no adverse impact on production.”

Key benefits of this exception handling and rework solution are claimed to be:

Quick path to compliance with EPCIS checker serving as a built-in data inspector, reducing hours to check and reconcile the data.

Avoidance of product quarantine and supply chain delays with a communication hub that automates notifications to trading partners and regulatory authorities.

High efficiency via multi scan and mobile flexibility to optimize production and resolution time.

Systech showcased this solution at the HDA Distribution Management Conference and Expo at the JW Marriott, Desert Springs, CA, recently.

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