Zappar are a leading augmented reality producer who connect the physical world of products and marketing with engaging digital experiences on mobile devices.

We've created incredible AR content across industries like food packaging, consumer products, sports, music and events for major brands like Manchester City, Coca Cola, ASDA, One Direction, Warner Bros etc.

Zappar is a free to download app available on iTunes and Google Play, built from the ground up using our in-house computer-vision algorithms.
The beauty of our approach is that there are any number of ways to work with our platform. Our online self-service system, ZapWorks, gives you the tools to create AR experiences straight away. No technical expertise is required, and with seats starting at £30/month it's a steal.

You can also work with our highly skilled team of AR ninjas here at Zappar Labs to produce tailor-made experiences, leveraging the full potential of the Zappar platform. Simply pay for the production of your campaigns, costed on a project basis against our standard rate card.

All our services come with some great free features too:

There’s no license fee for putting your content through the Zappar app.
All the serving, hosting and data analytics via our data dashboard comes as part of the service.
And your content can stay in the app as long as you like at no extra charge.
As if that wasn't enough, as a business you can also embed the Zappar component in your own iOS and Android app (it’s super light at around 3MB).

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