New project aims to create active packaging based on biomass from shrubs

Longstanding AIPIA member AIMPLAS is working on developing bioplastics for active packaging for cosmetics and absorbent litter for the pet industry within the European BeonNAT Project. These are just two of the innovative products that will be developed within the framework of the project, says the Technological Institute of Plastics, which is located in Valencia. The project’s objective is to promote the creation of value chains to make use of trees and shrubs grown on marginal land as a biomass source for bio-industries.

The scope of BeonNAT covers the cultivation and harvesting of selected species, extraction and purification of essential oils and plant extracts, and manufacture of paper, biochar, activated carbon, bioplastics packaging for cosmetics, lignocellulosic materials, new absorbents for pets, paper pulp and particle board...



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