NEX-XOS is a leading provider of contract packaging, assembly, and distribution services. We specialize in the manufacturing of Flameless Ration Heaters (FRH) and shelf stable foods including meal kit assembly and co-packing for customers around the world. Our operation is located in Pembroke Park, Florida within limits of an SBA Hub Zone designation. Our current products are specifically designed for use in operational and austere environments, military, emergency, survival, humanitarian, disaster relief response, the outdoors, and is the best option in any situation when traditional food supply is not available.

For over two decades, we have combined our executives teams experience in the prepared food industry to design and deliver food supplies to military and non-military, and other institutions around the world.

Our shelf stable meals are ready to eat, self heating with a flameless heater, and come in a variety of calorie count. Some applications used for our ready to eat meals are survival, emergency preparedness, hurricane supplies, disaster relief, car emergency kits, snow storm supplies, boating, hiking, camping, hunting, hospitals, food banks among others.

Our shelf stable foods are packaged in our facility using state of the art equipment, while also adhering to rigorous quality standards. It is possible to make our foods shelf stable due to the packaging process, in addition, we can add oxygen absorbers or nitrogen to further extend the shelf life. Our packaging services are ideal for supermarkets, grocery stores, kits, airlines, boats, convenience stores and many more.

NEX-XOS has gone through lengths to ensure we meet industry standards that promote food safety and consumer safety when manufacturing our products. Through our SQF Level 2 certified facility, we have adopted programs such as approved supplier, good manufacturing practices, food safety programs, and internal training on new regulatory and compliance requirements as they are created and enforced; all of which promotes a positive food safety culture. NEX-XOS maintains several certifications and claims such as SQF Level 2, Kosher, Halal, and Gluten-Free; all of which apply to the vast food categories and packaging capabilities we offer onsite.  

To highlight our manufacturing process, we must first take a step back before the raw materials or ingredients even arrive onsite. NEX-XOS has a fully developed and monitored approved supplier program which we source all our raw materials from. So, what does approved supplier mean to you? This program ensures that all our suppliers are meeting or exceeding expectations from government and certifying body requirements. By having this program in place, it significantly reduces the risk of possible contamination (whether that be biological, chemical, or physical) downstream on our manufacturing process flow. From receiving to manufacturing to shipping, there are a series of checks and balances that are both daily visual checks, as well as hourly documented checks performed. These series of checks and balances are in place to mitigate and eliminate risk while keeping the consumer safe. This all comes together at NEX-XOS because there is a firm understanding and buy-in that the roles of our employees stretch beyond their daily tasks and play a huge contribution in consumer safety!

At NEX-XOS, we continue to push continuous improvements in all aspects of manufacturing that not only benefit us, but you as the consumer. We have a strong cross-departmental team consisted of seasoned professionals and subject matter experts in their line of work that ensure we exceed all regulatory and compliance aspects for our food safety culture!

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