Vivainnova is a company specializing in engineering and the design of printed electronics / organic electronics / flexible electronics / organic and large area electronics (OALE). 

Viva Developments S.L. was founded with the goal of providing markets with new amazing smart objects. We aim to accomplish this goal by researching & developing unique devices or parts to be used in the production of printed electronics at commercial scales.

The market will be driven by the promise of a low cost, high volume production of light-weight electrical and electronic components or devices, that will help the creation of new markets.

Our vision is to be recognized and respected as one of the leading companies in the printed electronics industry.

Our goal is simple. Pursuing our vision we want to be one of the most valuable companies in the printed electronics world. We will accomplish this by committing to our shared values and by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction while strenghtening our value creation.

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