Si-Cal Technologies

Si-Cal Technologies

At Si-Cal, we manufacture the highest quality heat transfer decals and functional printed electronic components using roll to roll screen printing processes.

Our heat transfer decals solve the most difficult product decorating and labeling applications for medical products, automotive, consumer electronics, toy and baby products, appliances, power tools, apparel, footwear, cosmetic and much more.

We have extensive capabilities to produce functional printed products (also called printed electronics, plastic electronics, or smart printing).  Using our 40 years experience with precision printing we are able to use conductive inks to create durable, high performance RFID antenna, electrodes, medical diagnostic sensors, drug delivery patches, organic photovoltaics, electro-chromatic and thermo chromatic displays, smart cards and many other applications in the printed electronics industry.

To say we have a product line is a misnomer, simply because the core of our business is the capability to customize what we do to fit the many evolving applications that customers are inventing each month.

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