MagVision to introduce MagID Marking Solution at AIPIA Digitalisation Congress

New start-up MagVision will present MagID, the patented marking technology, at the AIPIA Digitalisation in Packaging Congress, which is on line on Thursday 16 November. MagVision’s Head of Innovation, Nathalie Muller will lead a session entitled “Protect and track your brand with MagID,” at 3.50pm CET/2.50pm GMT.  MagID is a new marking technology for brand packaging which sits between RFID and visual codes. Nathalie will show how covert, serialised codes can easily be applied to brand packaging, providing every item with a unique, hidden identity for tagging and tracing.

MagVision will also host a roundtable entitled: “Why would you mark & trace your products? The benefits and challenges explained,” at 12.40pm GMT/ 1.40pm CET. As interest in digital, connected packaging continues to rise around the world, this roundtable discussion will consider the opportunities for marking packaging and labels. Marking is becoming more accessible and affordable and there are a number of different technologies available, but what are the barriers to implementation across the supply chain? 

MagVision has several complimentary tickets available for brand owners and packaging printers who would like to attend the AIPIA Digitalization in Packaging Congress. Please contact for more details. The company’s marking and tracing technology is backed by Horizon 2020 funding from the European Commission, recently announced it has launched as an independent start-up under the name MagVision ( LinkedIn: @magvision.)  

MagID codes are simply printed onto brand packaging, labels or documents, providing every item with a unique, yet hidden identity. Tracking, authentication and destination data can be accessed via MagVision’s cloud-based system after scanning the code. The platform supports MagID codes, but also visual barcodes and RFID tags. The technology is currently being tested for different applications with partners in the UK, Mexico and India, since being initially unveiled in 2020. The company continues to seek funding to enhance the technology and expand its service offering.

Come and learn all about this exciting new technology at the AIPIA Congress. Book your place today! 

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