Combining AI with AR: the future of shopping may have arrived

With a simple scan of a product in the supermarket aisle, you can ask any question and receive an accurate answer, all through a spoken command! Australia-based creative agency Immertia is at it again with the release of its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) demonstrating a new way consumers can engage with products, providing instant access to information, personalised recommendations and a truly seamless shopping experience, it claims.

The company says MVP empowers the shopper with knowledge and confidence like never before, whilst enabling brands to maintain control over the information that’s ultimately delivered.

The two heroes in this transformation? Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). AR breathes digital life into physical packaging, making it interactive, engaging, and informative, right through the lens of a smartphone. AI, on the other hand, brings a human-like intelligence to packaging, answering product-related questions and even offering personalised suggestions...


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