Amcor launches new print technology to customize and connect closure liners

Amcor Capsules has launched IMPRESSIONS, a technology developed in collaboration with French company MGJ, a specialist in the design and manufacture of seals for containers. It enables brands to customize closure liners, such as the underside of bottle caps. The CMYK colour printing technology allows brands to print anything from QR codes to colourful logos, for direct, digital engagement with consumers.

The launch of IMPRESSIONS goes hand in hand with the digital evolution of the past few years, says Amcor. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, social media and digital experiences have become increasingly prolific, making it harder for brands to stand out. Many consumer brands, such as winemakers, have been looking for new ways to reach out and engage with customers more directly.

 After consultation with its own customers, Amcor developed IMPRESSIONS, which will enable online experiences to benefit both brands and consumers directly. Shoppers can scan a QR code or view a logo printed on a closure liner to gain access to further brand information or promotions.

“We are very proud to launch IMPRESSIONS and play a role in the vital brand to consumer relationship,” said Catherine Fontinha, head of marketing Amcor Capsules. “This simple addition of printing under a bottle cap not only enhances the customer experience but can also pique curiosity and willingness to engage with companies outside of the ordinary buyers journey.”

Printing alphanumeric or QR codes inside the closure, invites customers to engage in digital, premium customer experience. The technology can also redirect consumers to brand websites, exclusive information, or packaging recyclability, in order to inform and connect with them in more meaningful ways. “For our customers, brand reputation is also of upmost importance,” continued Fontinha “This is why IMPRESSIONS is not just for users, but for vendors too. The printed liner is accessible only when a customer has already bought and opened the product which makes it a formidable traceability and authentication tool. The specialist printing has a variety of applications.”

The technology has been available in Europe, North America, and South America from mid-November.

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