NEWS: ActinPak launches Student Competition to Increase Collaboration


ActInPak the EU funded COST Action focused on active, smart and intelligent fibre-based packaging solutions, has launched a Student Competition (SC) aimed at increasing collaboration between European students, researchers and companies in the field of active & intelligent packaging. 

There are two contests: one is focusing on the production of a demonstrator in active and intelligent packaging – an example of this is on the Actinpak website; the other is dealing with a technological and economic analyses of one type of active and intelligent packaging.

The main objective of the Action is to fill the gap among the research innovation, industrial production and commercial exploitation of new products by conducting research which encompasses not only the development of scientific and technical solutions, but also the analysis of opportunities for and obstacles to market introduction in order to overcome these barriers.

The competition is intended for younger students in Bachelor or Master Degrees.  Groups should be from participating COST countries and be available to present their results in an ActInPak conference. 

Each SC “winner” will be invited to the next ActInPak conference to present their work. They will have networking opportunities during this conference and their CV will be distributed to all partners (more than 100 contacts in industry and universities). The work will be also on the ActInPak website.

Deadline for entries is 1st June 2017. Applicants should register by sending an e-mail to before the 1st of March 2017. Visit the ActinPak website for full details.