Advertise with AIPIA

Advertise with AIPIA

With its wide editorial lens on new packaging technologies, AIPIA is not just a upcoming no-nonsense association and website, but a media brand that documents and promotes innovation, leadership, technologies and developments in packaging for Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic supply chains.

AIPIA's mission is to deliver information on the people, ideas and technologies changing the world to our community of business decision makers. What distinguishes AIPIA from other associations, websites and newsletters is our exceptional capability to keep it simple.

AIPIA is the world’s leading provider of information on Active & Intelligent Packaging and can offer you the way to get your organisation in forefront of this excting industry. 

OK, let's keep it simple, online advertising with AIPIA is:

  • Targeted to packaging development, innovation and high tech.
  • Engaging because it's new and exciting
  • Affordable, because we like to work with you for a longer period
  • We believe in numbers, we believe in quality: 
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How to get your company in forefront. Rates and specifications:

  1. Newsitem in AIPIA Newsflash, sent to Members, Partners and companies in Food, Pharma and Cosmetic supply chains. Funtion Titles: Innovation, New Technology, Packaging R&D at Brand Owners, Packaging companies, Transport and Logistics, Telecom, Retail, IT and Software. Total database exceeds 71.250 names and permanent publication on website. € 350,= per item.
  2. Be visible all the way... Banner advertising on front page of AIPIA website leaderboard. Make yourself known to a new industry. Rotating Banner € 250,- per month (min of 3 months). Including statistics.
  3. AIPIA Database Rental. Our (and your) most valuable way to reach a new and high quality audience is by direct mail. At AIPIA we offer direct mail services to our community. For more information please contact
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