Wrapping up the AIPIA World Congress 2022 Part Two: Products & presentations

No AIPIA Congress is complete without a Brand Challenge, and the 2022 event was no exception. This year the GSK spin-off Haleon, which is responsible for famous brands such as Sensodyne toothpaste, Otrivin respiratory treatment, Advil pain relievers and Centrum supplements, challenged twelve AIPIA companies to show how it can integrate active and intelligent packaging to enhance the consumer experience, provide traceability, enhance safety and/or security, as well as extending shelf-life or reducing waste.

After an action-packed hour, where each company was given precisely four minutes to pitch its ideas the three selected for further investigation were Securikett, with its suite of tamper evident brand protection and security labels and associated cloud platform Codikett; Alma Science’s paper electronics for connected packaging which proposed to use its paper action buttons technology in order to turn the packaging of Centrum Junior Vitamins into a game controller; and Ennoventure’s invisible encryption technology, used for brand protection, tracking & tracing and to enhance brand engagement. But lead judge Anu Gadhiraju from Haleon said other ideas were also worthy of further consideration...


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