After years of research, ColorSensing arises as an innovative business developing a range of applications from digital image standardization to printed sensing technologies. These applications target such interesting sectors as Digital Health, Food Packaging Industry, Color Quality Control, Retail, etc.

Our patented algorithm designs ad-hoc color patterns for each specific application based on QR technology.

This pattern is recognized by any camera and our algorithm processes the images containing the pattern, obtaining reliable information about the “real” colors and returning depending on the application, either the color-corrected picture or quantitative information about the target color to measure

For example: FoodSensing helps food manufacturers and retailers cut down food waste and adds quality to their products thanks to an automatic, quantitative and cost-effective food freshness indicator

With Analytics, we can digitalize any color-change-based test or sensor with high accuracy, making the reading objective, automatic, and traceable.

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