NEWS: Smart medical pack improves compliance and patient experience


Instruction leaflets are confusing at the best of times. But they could be a matter of life and death if you’ve just been diagnosed with a chronic disease and suddenly need to learn fast how to inject yourself with vital medication.

A new smart packaging concept from product design and development firm Cambridge Consultants could provide a solution. AudioPack augments the usual instructions for use with audio messages that are triggered by touch-sensitive paper packaging. The aim is to give patients extra guidance and support to help overcome their initial fears of starting a new treatment. The ‘talking’ packaging is designed to help them through those first few weeks.

“From our extensive interviews with patients learning to use various medical devices with packaging and instruction leaflets, we know that traditional instructions can be difficult to read and learn from – often, a patient doesn’t even know where to start,” said Adam Haynes, a senior industrial designer at Cambridge Consultants.

“Our expertise in industrial design and human factors gives us an insight to create a packaging system that is more intuitive and much less intimidating for patients. Our goal with AudioPack is to transform medical treatment through user-friendly, approachable design – ultimately improving effectiveness and benefiting the whole healthcare ecosystem.”

Instructions are delivered by an avatar named Ana, who verbally guides the patient through their new medication. AudioPack is also aiming to cut clinical costs by reducing the time medical staff need to spend instructing patients.