QR Codes and GS1 DL to the fore as adoption gains worldwide momentum

Sorting the best mangoes from the rest! In India, the introduction of QR codes on mangoes has provided a solution to the challenge of identifying authentic Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri amidst the influx of various mango varieties in the market. This technology allows consumers to access comprehensive information about the mangoes, including the variety name, region of origin, nutritional value, farmer's details, location of the orchard, packaging and expected ripening dates, orchard view, farmer's specialization, and the fertilizers or pesticides used. The application of QR codes is a response to the issue of counterfeit mangoes, particularly from Karnataka, enabling consumers to verify the authenticity of Alphonso mangoes easily.

Vietnam introduces new regulations on product traceability The Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam has taken steps to govern the traceability of products and goods, effective from June 1. This regulation mandates that producers, traders, and service providers record essential information for tracing product origins. This data, linked via a QR code on product packaging, facilitates consumer access to expiry dates and origin details through the National Product and Goods Traceability Portal. This  is aimed at a wide range of stakeholders involved in product origin traceability, including service and solution providers and state management bodies. The portal, developed by the National Numbering and Barcodes Centre, is set to launch officially in Q2 2024.

Tequila OCHO, the world’s original single-estate tequila, has unveiled a new global packaging design. This unifies the look and feel of the brand worldwide for the first time in its history and reinforces the OCHO’s commitment to proving that terroir (environmental factors that affect a crop's phenotype) exists in spirits, while delivering the same agave-forward tequila made a mano y corazón – by hand and by hear, it says. The label paper has a rustic feel with “fingerprinting” texture throughout – a nod to the brand’s single estate concept and the individual fields or ranchos from which generations of Tequila OCHO jimadores have harvested the agave that Camarena distils into this fine sipping tequila.

For those with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, the rear label features a QR code which, when scanned, leads to OCHO’s website and a reservoir of information about the field profile and characteristics, as well as the complete tasting notes for each vintage. Rollout of the new packaging begins with the USA and Mexico in April, and will carry on globally throughout 2024.

Absolut Vodka, part of French group Pernod Ricard , is introducing personalized 'phygital' gifting bottles for celebratory occasions. The new bottles are being trialled on Amazon Italy exclusively. The pilot effort is part of Pernod Ricard's broader strategy to connect consumers with its packaging. This new offering allows individuals to send personalised and interactive gifts, with each Absolut Vodka bottle featuring a unique QR code that leads to a customisable gifting experience. Gift-givers can combine voice notes, text messages, photos, emojis, and more to create a shared celebratory message. The recipient can then scan the QR code and use their device to reveal the messages in augmented reality

Finally much loved UK pickle brand, Branston is using the Orca Scan GS1 Digital Link solution to enhance its customers' experience in UK supermarkets. Powered by GS1's Digital Link standard, it works by connecting billions of physical products to the internet and giving each one a unique home page that brands can modify long after the product has left the production line. Branston is an early adopter of this technology, becoming one of the first brands to have this new barcode on products sold in UK supermarkets, giving their consumers instant access to recipe ideas, ingredients and allergens, sustainability and recycling information via their smartphone camera. No app required!

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