iDefendo is a tech company providing blockchain-based solutions that benefit a wide range of industries. Our technology generates Digital Witnesses™ that create a blockchain-based trace trail giving stakeholders immutable data of transactions and provenance.

The Digital Witnesses are used to protect intellectual property, help combat counterfeiting and provide indisputable proof of the authenticity of products throughout their lifecycle. This enables the companies to increase the trust, transparency and efficiency of their operations. 

We are always interested in finding new ways to co-create and expand the application of our technology. Our current collaborations include brand owners, law firms, intellectual property–intensive businesses, packaging companies and performance-rights organisations. 

As a part of the International Trademark Association’s Anticounterfeiting Committee, iDefendo is working to develop and advocate for related anti-counterfeiting policies and to promote better cooperation between the private and public sectors to advance protection against counterfeiting. We are also supporting nonprofit organisations that empower young entrepreneurs and innovators. 

iDefendo was founded in Sweden in 2015. Today we have offices in Stockholm and San Francisco, California. Our strategic partners are located in India, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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