Flowe-Pac is the largest Blown Film Manufacturing Plant in Pietermaritzburg and one of the fastest growing in Kwazulu Natal. Flowe-Pac was founded in August 2000 by Anthony McCleary, after having gained valuable technical and mechanical knowledge in the textile industry. This gave Flowe-Pac a competitive edge when the company was established in Halsted Rd Mkondeni. It is without a doubt, his expertise and knowledge has contributed steadily to the company's growth.

Flowe-Pac manufactures a wide variety of packaging materials for manufacturers, distributors and retailers across all industries. Flowe-Pac specialises in printed or plain, low or high density polyethylene bags, tubing and sheeting that is manufactured to the customer's specification. They are also manufacturers of pallet wrap and suppliers of SFK board, Corrugated product, Bubble wrap, Strapping and fastening tools and plain and printed tape, making them your ONE STOP PACKAGING SHOP.

Flowe-Pac prides itself in their quality and always strives to maintain customer satisfaction. Their quality management system was implemented in 2004 and certified by ISO 9001, 2008 standards.

Keeping in line with the aim to recycle, Flowe pac recycles all their scrap plastic back into re-usable raw material in their own recycling plant. A huge advantage of this is that they have managed to stabilise the price of recycled raw material, which was previously governed by outside suppliers, which has given them a more cost effective end product for this customers.

Flowe-Pac employs 60 people and is dedicated to training and development in every area of the company. Flowe-Pac is proud to be a level 1 contributor to BEE, always ensuring that they are giving back to the people in every way they can.

Flowe-Pac stands by their motto: BY SERVICE WE GROW, which has proven to be successful and has contributed to the rapid growth of the company

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