New range of holographic tapes for enhanced product security and visual impact

A range of decorative holographic films, unprinted or flood-printed, from 1.6mm have been put on the market by Filtrona Tapes. They can be used as a ‘stand alone’ security item or combined with print for ‘cost-effective brand protection’, the company says.

The tapes are designed for easy tearing. Supastrip Prism is compatible with both flexible plastic or paper packaging across various FMCG applications like pet food, personal care, food-to-go, and frozen food, according to the company. It is expected to facilitate easy access to the product. Prism Plus combines holographic films with print to enhance on-pack branding. Meanwhile, Prism Ultra offers de-metallized or selectively metallized holographic effects for a customized on-pack solution, and Prism Unique provides bespoke hologram designs in pursuit of maximum security and brand protection.

By adopting holographic visuals, brands are attempting to differentiate their packaging from market competitors, make their products stand out, as well as it being more difficult for counterfeiters to replicate their designs, Filtrona believes.

Sarah Rutland, market development manager at the company, said, “For a long time, Supastrip’s potential to be an excellent carrier for enhanced decorative and security solutions has been overlooked. In the regular discussions we have with our customers, the ability to add striking design features through holography, adding to the ability of brands to stand out, while maintaining all of the easy opening benefits of the product, has had a compound effect, where its value and versatility is difficult to ignore.”

“Essentially, we have a range of high-impact holographic tapes that can be customised in a variety of ways, including building in security and brand protection, without the need for costly design changes to the primary packaging itself. If you change the tape and not the pack, holography becomes commercially acceptable without compromising on functionality or aesthetics,” she added.

“At a time when the cost of living is causing more shoppers to prioritize value for money in their purchases, the quality could be the thing that persuades a consumer to choose one brand over another. Holography represents depth and a level of attention to detail. It can even complement special pack design to mark a product out as a limited edition, elevating it above competing products,” continued Rutland.

Holographic elements also act as an overt shorthand for a certificate of authenticity, says Filtrona. This is particularly useful in sensitive applications like healthcare, in which counterfeit products can have consequences for end users, but it can also be used in luxury packaging for brand protection purposes.

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