HD barcode can be adapted to offer verification of negative status for COVID-19

Complete Inspection Systems, an AIPIA member based in Florida is able to adapt its HD Barcode technology to enable those testing negative for COVID-!9 to carry a verification barcode, attached to their ID card, drivers licence, or even a credit card. This code can only be read by authorised devices, but requires no internet or App connectivity, says CIS’s Gary  L. Parish.

The HD Barcode can embed encrypted Photographs, Biometric Data, and Medical information that can only be decoded by authorized smartphones with the matching security key. The technology was originally developed to verify employee equipment proficiency and certification status. This allows personalized employee trainings and certification levels to be embedded into a secure code that is printed and adhered to individual personnel ID cards.

The code can be used to confirm an employee’s ability to operate advance equipment instantly by scanning their ID card via an authorized reader device without the use of an Internet connection or database search. This information can be updated by importing the scanned information, update the required fields, and reprint/apply onto the employee’s ID card. More information, such as Date of Birth, can be included if necessary.

Parish explains there is a 4 step process to produce the code for virus checks. First the person is swabbed for the COVID-19 virus and tests negative. The Tester fills out an on line form with his/her name, the result, date and location as well as a photograph of the person being tested. This information is transferred to a Teslin HD barcode label and then the original data file is deleted. The label can be fixed to any personal ID document. If it is peeled off the label will display a void pattern.

Authorized smartphones can download the reader applications to read the code. As it is encrypted no information is obtained if it is hacked, other than name or ID Number as all the information is in the secure barcode. Copying the card does not help as the counterfeiter cannot change the HD barcode and the information it contains, claims Parish.

Using the codes can mean easy and instant verification that the person is negative and can safely access secure or sensitive areas, in conjunction with a temperature test. This could be a major benefit to help re-opening factories and businesses more quickly.

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