NEWS: Building Customer Relationships is Key to Brand Success


Over a fifth of consumers have boycotted a brand following a scandal or negative press, according to a new study from YouGov. Inside the Mindset of a Brand Boycotter explores the nature of consumers that stop using a brand and how vital it is to placate their anger following adverse headlines. It shows that of those who stopped using a brand, almost three quarters still do not.

While tax avoidance and evasion is the number one reason for boycotting a brand, 40 percent stopped because of staff being treated unfairly and over one third said it was due to faulty products or product recalls. So avoiding such incidents by using A&IP could be of major importance.

YouGov’s report claims that although some boycotting consumers do come back eventually, they do not use the brand as much as they did before. While one in four went back to the brand only one percent used it as much as previously.

It seems consumers have a variety of reasons for coming back to a boycotted brand. These include the company changing the practices that had initiated the boycott or because the brand’s product or service has improved.

Interestingly, the strongest form of brand protection may be the continual investing in and strengthening of meaningful brand relationships with customers. The majority of consumers claim they will stick to brands that they like, even through the bad times. Enter A&IP again?