UPC Consulting Ltd./ UpCode

UPC Consulting Ltd./ UpCode

Advanced mobile solutions for professional and personal needs, consumer applications and enterprise solutions.

UpCode Ltd. is developing the system technology (MAI)™, Mobile Access & Interaction, in all its aspects including multi-functionality and different reading/scanning technologies, including RFID type of NFC technology. All rights (international copyright) belong to UpCode Ltd/ UPC Consulting Ltd. IPR on request. All mobile software and solutions are developed inhouse by UpCode ltd.

We operate on international scale from our headquarters in Finland (Vaasa and Helsinki) and local offices around the world. See "contact" section for finding a local representative in your country.

UPC is a Communication Center, with a focus on added value for clients. We offer printed products with optimum CPO –value and communicative effects. We can offer new standards, formats and technologies as well as deep knowledge in cognitive functions of consumers. Direct marketing catalogues, magazines and cross media solutions is our specialty.

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