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The modern engineering designs as well as scientific discoveries are usually assisted by mathematical and computational modelling. The application of mathematical and computational modelling shortens the required time for product development, as many parameters can be experimented with in short period of time, leading to significant reductions in costs. The number of expensive and time-consuming laboratory experiments is reduced through computer simulations, which, while requiring shorter time and offering higher cost-effectiveness for producing the required information, can explore larger parameter space leading to a more optimal solutions.

We understand that not all companies and research institutions have the required knowhow to sufficiently benefit from the mathematical/computational modelling. This is why our team is committed to assisting those who have the need of such knowhow but do not have the capacity or sufficient time to acquire it. Our team can help your project through all the stages and will make sure that the final results exceed your expectations.

We would be happy to meet and discuss with you your project requirements. Our team will prepare a project proposal comprising the expected results, the work plan and the milestones.

For more information on the areas of expertise click on the link above. However, note that we would be happy to accept a challenge in virtually any field where mathematical and/or computational modelling is required.

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