Nordson EDI

Nordson EDI

Flexible Packaging Industry

EDI works with manufacturers of a wide variety of flexible packaging products. A program of continuous investment in skilled human resources, advanced manufacturing hardware, and sophisticated software tools along with a relentless pursuit of technological innovation and uncompromising quality has made EDI a leader in the flexible packaging technology.

Oriented Film Dies

Flexible packaging markets have evolved and require customized properties to meet consumer needs, such as, package films that are microwaveable or packages with easy open and re-close features.

Oriented films may be used to create the package along with cast barrier films or other materials that are integrated through the extrusion coating and laminating process. EDI provides unique tooling solutions for the many diverse processes that go into building the flexible package. Our equipment enables processors to maximize efficiency by reducing scrap, improving tolerances, and increasing extruder up-time.

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