Thermochromic inks add appeal to new frozen yogurts from Yoplait

Packaging that reveals hidden graphics when exposed to heat or cold has been around for more than 20 years. A pioneer application was Coors Light’s colour-changing cans. Since then several beverages and water brands, including Coca Cola has incorporated this simple but effective technology in their products. Today, that concept has been extended to an entirely different packaging format and product type.

General Mills has introduced an innovative packaging solution for its new Yoplait Go-GURT Freeze to Reveal yogurt, which come in squeeze tubes and were launched recently. The packaging incorporates thermochromic ink, adding an element of surprise and engagement for consumers, particularly children, the company says.

The thermochromic ink reveals hidden graphics on the yogurt tubes only when they are frozen. At refrigerator temperature, one set of graphics is visible. When the tubes are frozen, the ink activates and additional graphics appear, to enhance the product's appeal, it claims.

Aimed at accommodating Go-GURT’s versatile consumption options—chilled, frozen, or frozen and then thawed—the packaging design includes messages that highlight these use cases: “Right from the Fridge / Freeze ‘n’ Thaw, Pack it for School / or Enjoy it Frozen.”

The revealed designs, featuring themes like ice and frozen with characters such as Yetis and penguins, are strategically placed for maximum impact for consumers. General Mills conducted extensive temperature studies to ensure the hidden messages appear correctly at the right temperatures..

“We aimed to create designs that were fun for kids however they prefer to enjoy Go-GURT: When tubes are grabbed right from the fridge, grabbed from the freezer, and when tubes are frozen and then thawed in a lunch box for school,” a General Mills spokesperson said.

Yoplait Go-GURT Freeze to Reveal comes in several flavours, including Berry, Strawberry, and Orange Cream. Boxes hold eight or 16 tubes. “Go-GURT has a history of bringing fun packaging innovation to consumers,” the spokesperson continued. “We are always looking for new ways to surprise and delight consumers and have heard so far that they’ve been enjoying our latest summertime innovation.”

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