NEWS: The USA Smart Packaging Revolution Continues!


The North American market for Active & Intelligent Packaging (A&IP) is the largest and most dynamic on the planet. Whether it is the latest pharmaceutical compliance packs from Jones, Walmart’s blockchain project for its fresh produce suppliers, or incorporating the GS1 Digital Link into Digimarc barcodes, the deployment and operational success of A&IP is growing at breathtaking speed  across major Brands in every CPG sector. It is certainly the next Revolution in packaging!

As a recent Deloitte survey of 400 industry leaders reported: Smart packaging cannot be ignored because not only can it create enormous value, it can disrupt a number of players in the system. Smart packaging, with revenues of US$23.5 billion in 2015, expected to grow quickly, largely because it is seen as a mechanism for solving a number of high-value business problems.

There is only one place in the USA and Canada where the whole world of A&IP comes together to present an up-to-date overview of ALL aspects of the industry, how these can be integrated for total solutions and demonstrate interoperability with existing systems and production lines: The AIPIA Summit of the Americas.

Already thought leaders from several aspects of A&IP are lined up to explain to delegates some of the things which are driving developments.  Dr Maria Smolander of VTT will explain about Printed intelligence and hybrid and flexible electronics manufacturing for smart packaging; Dr Li Xu of the Institute of Advanced Materials will discuss the latest advances in Nano Technologies; and AIPIA Board Member Larry Logan, chief evangelist at Digimarc will pose the question Plastic Packaging – Angel or Devil? and how smart technologies can come to the rescue.

In total over 20 speakers will line up to give a comprehensive overview of the Active & Intelligent Packaging market. Delegates will also get the chance to see live demonstrations of Active & Intelligent Packaging technologies in the Seeing is Believing area, and the Summit is an excellent chance to network with both A&IP developers and users in a stimulating forum.