Matthews Europa

Matthews Europa

John Dixon Matthews emigrated from his native England and opened a small business in Pittsburgh in 1850. The skilled engraver set himself a clear goal: He wanted to become nothing less than the market leader in the printing industry. The news about his outstanding skills and services spread quickly. The small business flourished and became a public company, Matthews International Corporation, in 1902.

This outstanding growth continued into the 21st century. Today, Matthews International brings together a diverse set of companies and brands, focusing on three areas of business: branding, memorialization and industrial Technologies.

SGK, the brand transformation division, is responsible worldwide for the development, activation and deployment of new products and brands.

US-based Matthews Memorialization is a leading supplier of memorial products such as monuments, coffins and funeral requisites.

Matthews Industrial designs, manufactures and markets industrial automation technology and solutions, as well as identification and marking systems for complex production lines.

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