Eco Refill Liquid Vending Machine. Your smart liquid vending solution.

Tenschul's liquid vending machine is designed to eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging waste.

The Liquid Vending Machine: A floorstanding liquid vending machine which can automatically refill up to 6 different liquid or wet food products.

Using the vending machine couldn't be simpler:

​Place your empty bottle under the refill nozzle
Select your desired product and refill quanitity
Watch the vending machine refill your bottle and retrive it in less than 20 seconds

​The Storage Unit
Liquid and wet food product is stored in a wheeled 'Roll up and load' storage unit which has a total capacity of 180 litres (30 litres per product). 

A 'Quick Connect' system connects the product in the storage unit with the vending machine itself.

The Web App 
Our web app is an online application which acts as a hub for remote product monitoring, data collection & analysis, and remote POS management.

Live data is sent to the app from each individual vending machine via WiFi and LAN connectivity. 

It enables fast, smart and hygienic refills for hundreds of liquid product lines - including personal care products, cleaning products, drinks, cooking products such as oils, and sauces with bits in.

Over the course of a year, just one of our liquid vending machines installed in a local store could prevent the unnecessary waste of:

7,500 Plastic Shampoo Bottles

3,000 Plastic Cooking Oil Bottles

1,500 Plastic Soap Bottles

5,000 Heavy Duty Plastic Detergent Containers

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