NEWS: Scaling IoT with Battery-Free Bluetooth


Imagine a Bluetooth chip with an infinite lifetime, a small sticker about the size of a small coin with processing power and sensors, for a fraction of the price of traditional devices. Wiliot says it wants to liberate the Internet of Things (IoT) from battery powered beacons. So Stephen Statler, its SVP of marketing and business development will present some user cases around how they are achieving this ambition.

Wiliot is a fabless semiconductor company, founded in 2017 by a group of wireless engineers experienced in building new products and the ecosystems required for their success. Its R&D team is based in Israel with business development is in San Diego, California.

The company envisions a world of "Smart Everything". Every place we go and anything we wear, touch or use will include sensing, connected, passive devices with an infinite lifetime. Devices become disposable fabric, part of manufacturing processes, rather than IT add-ons. Power and connectivity are not a concern, as end users are unaware of placement and connectivity, it claims.

Applications the company is partnering already include Smart Packaging, Asset Tracking, Location Finders and Smart Clothing. So come and listen to how this could liberate you…

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