Blocking material stops RFID signals leaking

Its not often we talk about ways to STOP RFID signals, but, for some retailers, an obstacle in maximizing the effectiveness of their RFID-enabled inventory systems is the ability to isolate waves within specific sales environments. If the waves cannot be blocked, and kept segregated, the technology’s precision and effectiveness will be limited.

To solve this problem Avery Dennison Performance Tapes now offers ShieldSense™ RFID Blocking Material – a lightweight, easy-to-apply, aluminum foil tape construction that, when applied to surfaces like walls and doors, creates a barrier isolating RFID waves to particular in-store locations. This enables retailers to maximize the effectiveness of RFID-enabled inventory systems, according to the company.

When applied to surfaces such as walls and doors, ShieldSense creates a barrier that blocks RFID waves from traveling beyond certain in-store locations, such as the retail floor or stockroom. By preventing RFID waves from traveling area to area, retailers can gain a clear picture of inventory location within the store, allowing for easy price adjustments and stock replenishments, as well as  determining the cause of inventory inaccuracies, such as shrinkage.

The foil installs easily in new or retrofit applications due to its pressure- sensitive adhesive construction and small, lightweight rolls. Available in multiple length and width configurations, it is installed by peeling back the liner while unrolling the material a bit at a time (using the liner removal to help control application). It adheres on surface contact with limited pressure and can easily be repositioned even an hour after application, it says.

“This is a unique product that allows retailers and other users of RFID label or tag technology to take full advantage of one of the most useful wireless communication tools available today,” said Chris Blackwell, product manager, print and packaging, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes North America.“ ShieldSense can help ensure retailers are able to receive precise readings for enhanced inventory detail and control, with the ability to better use RFID for their exact needs.

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