Award winning luxury packaging from Hong Kong uses lithium battery technology to stand out

Millennium Group's paper packaging for Twelve Constellations perfume was named Hong Kong Product Launch of the Year at Manufacturing Asia Awards held last November in Singapore. The design uses rechargeable lithium battery to capture the essence of each zodiac sign by using sensors to control light. The NASDAQ listed company is a long-established paper-based packaging solutions supplier with operating plants in PRC and Vietnam with a major presence in APAC and other markets, such as India and Australia, it says

The award recognized Millennium’s commitment to expand into the high-end luxury packaging sector said Ray Lai , CEO of Millennium Group , speaking at the Awards’ ceremony, “We are honoured to receive the Manufacturing Asia Award for our packaging design of the Twelve Constellation perfume brand. Our team's dedication to creating visually stunning, eco-friendly packaging solutions has once again been acknowledged on a prestigious platform. This achievement is a testament to our pursuit of excellence, sustainability, and innovation in the luxury packaging industry.”

“This award highlights and encourages us to continue our commitment to sustainable practices in the beauty and cosmetics packaging sector,” said Matthew Lai , chairman of Millennium. “We believe that our high-end luxury packaging helps us penetrate a new growth market that will help diversify our revenue, in alignment with our long-term strategies.”

The packaging design for Twelve Constellation perfume utilizes Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and incorporates a rechargeable lithium battery. In what it claims to be a groundbreaking fusion of innovation and creativity, the company’s designers have crafted a visually stunning and distinct packaging that captures the essence of each zodiac sign and leverages the latest sensor technology to control the light automatically. The design not only elevates the product, it says, but also reinforces its brand identity, enhancing the user experience and making the brand stand out. 

The Manufacturing Asia Awards were established by the media portal Manufacturing Asia in 2017. The annual award celebrates innovation, efficiency and the achievements of game-changers at the heart of Asia's industrial landscape, says the organisers, and recognises enterprises whose technologies, sustainable practices and transformative contributions drive Asia's manufacturing prowess.

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