Shanghai Hengyuan Macromolecular Materials Co.Ltd.

Shanghai Hengyuan Macromolecular Materials Co.Ltd.

Desiccants and moisture proof solution.

Established in 2002, with the technical expertise of Shanghai’s prestigious Fudan University, Shanghai Hengyuan Macromolecular Materials Co., Ltd. (SHMM) is engaged in the Research & Development, Manufacture and Sales of environmentally-safe, multi-functional absorbent materials.

“Degradable Plant Fiber Desiccant” is a patented product developed by SHMM being used in a number of applications for a variety of industries including Pharmaceuticals, Food Stuffs, Bio-kit, Electronics, Garment & Textiles, Leather Products and Furniture.

“Degradable Plant Fiber Desiccant” has been engineered to reach the highest international standards and for its work, SHMM has received numerous honors and accolades. The company was awarded grant monies from Shanghai’s Innovation Fund in 2005. In 2006, SHHM received the distinguished Scientific Research Achievement commendation from the State Forestry Bureau. In 2007, the Shanghai government again recognized the company’s innovation through its Hi-Tech Project award. And more recently, the State Environmental Protection Administration presented SHMM with its Green Label; making it the only desiccant manufacturer to receive this elite designation.

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