Virtual meeting moves Smart Packaging Ecosystem forward

Partners in the Smart Packaging Ecosystem held a virtual meeting on 17 March to conceptualise the proposed demo projects. Due to Covid-19 the scheduled meeting was moved online. The partners are working together to set up new projects in smart logistics, smart packaging and smart supply chains. In the near future they will detail the projects and bring in new partners where necessary.

The purpose of the Smart Packaging Ecosystem is to create an intelligent logistics system that can be applied to all sectors. To start with we are running logistics demo projects for five sectors: food, beverages, high-tech, health and pharmacy. Universal packaging and supply chain solutions are crucial elements to achieve our goal.

The Smart Packaging Ecosystem was launched under the guidance of AIPIA, Berenschot, and PACKZ on 21 January. In the virtual meeting on 17 March we progressed these joint demo projects. It was good to see new partnerships being created that focus on packaging and supply chain solutions as well. The next step for the partners is to detail the projects. Customer acceptance will be key to ensure support for future scale-up.

The Smart Packaging Ecosystem brings together a great deal of knowledge and expertise, but we also discovered some gaps. So we will be moving quickly to invite external parties from various countries to join in. More details on the specific fields needed will be published soon on the Berenschot and AIPIA websites.

We’d like to thank all the partners in the Smart Packaging Ecosystem for their flexibility in switching to the online session and helping us all to progress our work on the projects in the coming months. Looking forward to the next session already!

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For those who like to join this project, you are cordially invited to submit your details and technology here:


January 20, 2020

In January 2020 AIPIA and a consortium of companies will begin an ambitious project, funded by OpZuid and the European Union, to develop a Smart Packaging in Intelligent Logistics platform which can become an industry wide standard. This is a three year project which will be coordinated AIPIA in association with Berenschot.

We are inviting interested members to become a part of this exciting project and to provide support or input, depending on the level of partnership you choose


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