Label shows how to chill out with red wine

We may all be shivering in the cold in the northern hemisphere, but it is always summer somewhere on the planet. Australian based Taylors Wines is featuring touch-activated sensors and temperature guides on its packaging as part of the 2018/19 summer ‘Taylor the Temperature’ campaign, which encourages consumers to chill their red wine before serving, according to a report in PKN.

Due to Australia’s tropical summer climate, Taylors wanted to show how leaving a bottle of red in the fridge for 30 minutes before drinking can improve the experience for consumers. It uses thermochromic ink on labels and neck collars, which change colour as the temperature drops.

Taylors teamed with creative agency 31st Second to reinforce the message, designing promotional neck collars on its Estate and Promise Land wines for consumers to “Chill to Win”, as an incentive to understand the importance of red wine temperature during summer months.

The company’s managing director Mitchell Taylor said retailers now have the opportunity to grow their red wine sales in the hot weather, a period traditionally dominated by white wine, rosé, and sparkling. "This is a massive category opportunity for retailers," he said. “By educating consumers about the importance of serving temperature, it is possible to help them to discover how enjoyable and refreshing red wines can be, especially during the summer months."

Multi-Colour Australia printed the packaging, while drinks design agency Denomination created a sleek black, gold, and white label design for the wines.

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