Hey – its the kinda straw that mama makes!

sustainable drinking Straw

At AIPIA we have always championed Smart Packaging, even if it is not categorized by Active ingredients & coatings or NFC/RFID tags and chips. So we are pleased to report on this clever idea, which first came to prominence in the UK on BBC’s business financing show Dragon’s Den. As the demand for more eco-friendly straws increases, many organizations have created paper-based or reusable metal straws, but one company has gone a step further by creating a pasta-based sustainable drinking Straw -- the Stroodle – a UK based start up.

Because the Stroodle is made from wheat and water it is able to decompose and biodegrade in a single day. So they will help to decrease pollution in an efficient way it is claimed. The straws will last for up to an hour in cold drinks (fizzy or still) and have no taste or harmful ingredients, being made of just Durum Wheat Semolina and water. The high level of protein gluten in the wheat gives Stroodles their strength and durability, says the company. They are edible and totally vegan compatible.

Stroodles have a shelf life of up to 3 years so usable by food service and retail. The start up is exploring how to add branding opportunities. They are manufactured in Italy in ethical factories and can be ordered online through Amazon in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and the UK. A portion of the sales from the sustainable straw will be donated to non-profit organisations who seek to end plastic pollution.

The company hopes to inspire consumers to make more sustainable choices in their everyday purchases. With an increasing number of plastic straw bans being implemented across the globe, Stroodles could be a unique drinking solution for both retailers and consumers. While a straw may not be strictly packaging it is an indispensible part of many packs, so this addition to this particular environmental solution deserves a lot of support!


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