Dynamic QR codes offer low cost, simple datalogging

Logmore is a start -up company basaed in Finland, which  provides alow cost complete datalogging service, using patented, dynamic QR code technology. This means that the data recorded by the datalogger is printed on a e-Ink screen to a QR code. This code can be read by any 2D scanner, such as a mobile phone QR-code app. The result is to lower the total cost of temperature monitoring, humidity and shock detection, it says.

Using a QR code is also the fastest way to transfer data, claims Logmore. Encrypted data is sent to the company’s cloud service, where it’s displayed through a simple UI. This eliminates the need for external programs or apps. Data stored on the cloud can be downloaded, for example, in Excel-format for later use.

The QR tags are available on subscriptipn from the company and come in three versions. One and Two offer location and measurement of temperature and light (the second has a longer battery life and bigger memory) while Three also measures humidity, shock and tilt occurances. Each time new information is saved, the QR code changes. One code holds 1000 measurements and the memory holds 20,000 measurements. Data is encrypted and packed.

The company says this is the fastest way of sending data as there are no cables and no wireless connections. Further it can be used for all kinds of products, from fish to pharmaceuticals, as the codes are both sensitive and durable, states the company.

Since the beginning of 2019 the service has been on the market and has attracted a lot of interest -particularly in the logistics world, according to Logmore. The company has gained official accreditation from the Finnish Association for Pharmacies for temperature tracking in drug shipments and pharmacies own surveillance.

In addition Logmore recently won the First Prize for the best start-up at the huge Transport Logistic expo in Münich.


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