NEWS: DHL secures temperature sensitive shipments


One of the leading global brand in the logistics industry, DHL, assures that temperature-sensitive international shipments are transported within authorised conditions. With services that are crucial for companies from different sectors, the company is now partnering with AIPIA member Blulog to optimize supply chain processes.

DHL was looking for a system that could enable it to process related condition monitoring and monitor storage and transport conditions of perishables in an easy and efficient way. After testing several different solutions, the DHL SmartSensor team chose a tailored system based on NFC technology from Blulog.

The loggers are integrated in the DHL SmartSensor offering for temperature-controlled shipments and preprogrammed with specific shipment and stability information. The measuring process can be activated either by pushing a manual start button or by clicking a virtual start button from the app.

During transportation, the tracker uses fully calibrated sensors with ±0.2°C precision between 2–30°C for temperature tracking. At any time, a simple read-out with a smartphone or using the specially designed reader, equipped with the NFC technology, enables the recipient to check the whole temperature history.

In case of any breach, a red diode switches on and alerts the recipient to a problem. In total, the NFC logger is read out at least four times during the journey. Once a read out takes place, all data is uploaded and stored safely in a cloud database, which is accessible to the customer. The Blulog NFC solution means DHL can decrease the time spent checking the temperature history of shipments and dramatically save costs, it says.

With precise temperature and itinerary data, the solution creates a cold chain traceability on the package level which assures the quality and safety of the transported products. Automatic proof of delivery allows a client to immediately have access to the entire history.

The intuitive interface and simplicity of use makes the solution universal and ready to be used, according to Blulog. The NFC technology is also passive, so it can be used on aircraft, while other devices, using active transmission, need to have an aeroplane mode and need to be validated.

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