Complete cannabis product validation and authentication solution unveiled

Applied DNA Sciences, an AIPIA member specializing in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-based DNA manufacturing, has announced a definitive agreement with TruTrace Technologies, which has developed a fully-integrated blockchain platform for the legal cannabis, food and pharmaceutical industries. This allows them to approach the cannabis industry with an integrated solution comprised of Applied DNA’s CertainT® platform and TruTrace’s StrainSecure™ platform.

They aim to deliver a complete cannabis product validation and authentication platform, differentiated in the marketplace by linking together the power of proprietary SaaS platforms, blockchain and molecular tagging technology, to create a secure ecosystem which provides end-to-end traceability and full transparency.

The companies have entered into a Strategic Alliance, Referral and Technology Integration Agreement that allows each to introduce the other into existing accounts, prospects, as well as cultivate new joint opportunities. The Agreement also calls out the integration of the companies’ respective platforms through APIs to exchange data elements as part of the complete chain of custody solution, from source materials to product on the shelf.

TruTrace’s blockchain-based SaaS software is designed to guarantee product quality and strain genetics throughout global supply chains. Protecting consumers and brands from contaminants and counterfeiting is a key benefit of the platform under development. Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada’s largest retail pharmacy chain, currently uses TruTrace’s platform for traceability and accountability associated with its medical cannabis program.

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Applied DNA’s CertainT platform provides the physical tagging of cannabis products using a unique molecular tag to represent the brand and product. That tag is then tested at key nodes within a domestic or international supply chain. All of this authentication and chain-of-custody data is captured in the CertainT portal, which under the Agreement will be integrated with the TruTrace platform. The molecular tag can be applied to cannabis plants, oils, lotions, tablets, edibles and packaging to serve as an immutable indicator of authenticity, origin, and provenance, they say.

“We believe there are clear benefits from this collaboration to deliver a complete, end-to-end solution to cannabis companies. It will protect our clients’ brands and IP while also assuring the consumers use authentic and safe products,” said Dr James A Hayward, president and CEO of Applied DNA.

Robert Galarza, CEO, TruTrace, commented, “Partnering with Applied DNA is a natural progression of our go-to-market strategy. That is to align ourselves with ‘best of breed’ technology solutions to bring additional value to our customers and the industry as a whole, as we enter the next phase of legalized cannabis across the globe.”

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