Burger King ‘downunder’ gives digital identities to game pieces for UNO™ campaign

Hungry Jack’s, which was founded in 1971, is the master Australian franchise of the Burger King Corporation and one of the country’s largest fast food chains, with more than 440 restaurants. It has over 19,000 employees and serves 1.7 million people every week. Its successful UNO™ campaign began in 2021 and is now in its third iteration.

Antares Vision Group [AV Group] an AIPIA [the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association] member offering digitalisation of products and supply chains and a provider of traceability and inspection systems, has partnered with fellow member Result Group to manage the Hungry Jack’s UNO™ campaign in Australia. Utilising AV Group’s DIAMIND solution, they are managing millions of game pieces with unique digital identities and enhancing consumer engagement with the popular game...


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