Rolling Optics AB

Rolling Optics AB

Rolling Optics is bringing together the innovation of the research world with the reality of mass production from our secure production facility in Stockholm, Sweden.


The idea for the materials took shape when Axel Lundvall, VP and co-founder at Rolling Optics, was a research scientist at the Ångström laboratory, Uppsala University. Together with a team headed by assistant Professor Fredrik Nikolajeff, they were studying optical microstructures, optical materials and light scattering in thin foils. Rolling Optics was later put together with a team of people representing a rare mix of scientific and industrial backgrounds opening up completely new approaches to fast and efficient volume production which resulted in today´s Rolling Optics patented production technology.


The concept began to develop during a collaborative project with Innventia (formerly STFI-Packforsk), a world leader in research and development relating to pulp, graphic media, packaging and biorefining. It was Innventia that helped us define markets for the invention.


By cooperating with Innventia and selected industry partners, Rolling Optics came into contact with print and packaging partners for testing the materials on a larger scale. As Axel points out: “We’ve focused on the ability to easily convert and apply the material in large volumes. The team have invested a large amount of time in creating a robust, secure production facility that takes into account the entire product: from raw materials to the finished foil and, thanks to our partners, into the package.”

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