Ladeste serialization software provides support to applied industry in terms of solving regulatory issues on the market as well as improving user experience, loyalty and security of your products. Provides and manages serialization codes in different standards and different data carriers, integrates with your existing systems, communicate with regulatory central or local databases and eventually opens new communication channel to users of your products using mobile technologies.

It is all about customers
Technology moves ahead rapidly… Markets are opening more and more … There are no visible borders anymore …. Rapid flow of information and goods is not in balance with equal protection of customers… Step ahead needs to be taken …

Industries like pharmaceutical already recognized importance of protecting goods and minimize risk of counterfeiting …

Serialization is one of tools that with many benefits both for manufacturers and customers …..

Do not let yourself not to be a part of that success story….

So what is this all about ?
Lately there is so much misunderstanding about serialization especially in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical.

How it will affect my business ?

Will it bring me nothing but the costs ?

Is it all about technology ?

Which departments of my company will be affected by this ?

Will our budget allow us to become compliant ?

Who am I going to choose to help me implement that ?

There are so many question raised and time is ticking … and yes… this is a real challenge…


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