AIPIA Smart Food Chain

AIPIA Smart Food Chain

AIPIA is preparing a funded initiative: MINIMIZE WASTE IN FOOD SUPPLY
Developing and implementing effective smart packaging technologies to restructure conventional food supply chains.

Food supply chains have come under increased scrutiny in recent years. Food safety, food security and waste reduction in food as well as in packaging are now central issues which have to be addressed at every stage. New smart packaging technologies can offer vital data all along the value chain, to ensure stakeholders make the right decisions at the right time. AIPIA and its partners will bring together a group of experts from every stakeholder in the chain in order to develop a complete new supply chain.

  • Generate and better use of data generated by smart packaging
  • Use of (active) and sustainable packaging to increase shelf life
  • Integrating of sensors for better quality control

AIPIA is currently investigating on setting up a funded project. Download the project outline here and fill out the form below if you are interested to join!


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