Tetra Pak uses connected packaging to explain sustainability plans but food safety a top priority

Tetra Pak is the world’s largest food processing and packaging solutions company, is working closely with its customers and suppliers to provide safe food. The Brand has been focusing on sustainability and working on innovative ways of incorporating it into all aspects of its processes. It wants to take consumers along this road by sharing these efforts and educating them on environmental issues.

For the second year in a row, Appetite Creative Solutions has help them spread and promote their sustainability message, by merging Tetra Pak’s commitment to the environment, with Appetite’s expertise in web app creation and marketing.

Tetra Pak wanted to find a way to inform and educate consumers about its sustainable packaging efforts in a fun and engaging way, through gamification. Appetite achieved that through connected packaging, by creating games that were found through the scanning of QR codes on the Tetra Pak packages. Additionally it produced social media templates to be shared on Tetra Pak’s social channels.

The games had the themes of Renew, Reduce and Recycle, with three games related to these topics. They were all hosted on one URL, so every time someone visited the URL by scanning the QR code, it would randomly and automatically load a different game, so guaranteeing a different experience for every visit. The social media templates helped to generate awareness about the games and to educate consumers on Tetra Pak’s sustainability.

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In total Appetite delivered Tetra Pak the game design, game development and build, social media assets and access to an admin dashboard that can be used for data collection. Results have been quite impressive and continue to grow. So far there have been 43,397 scans on packaging, 49,584 users played the game, which lead to 513,951 website page views with 2 minutes average time spent on the page.

Earlier, in November Tetra Pak unveiled the findings from its 13th global research study, in partnership with Ipsos, showing that food safety is a major issue for society. The same number of respondents believe that COVID-19 is a “real threat.” Concern for the environment remains strikingly powerful, pointing towards a dilemma in the consumers’ minds as they try to balance the critical priorities of human existence through safe food and sustainability of the planet we live on.

In addition 77% of consumers see food waste as a key challenge while 60% of consumers globally say they worry about the food they buy being hygienic and safe. A majority not only believe that improving food safety is the responsibility of manufacturers, they see it as the number one issue that companies need to tackle now and in the future.

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